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Wedding Trends to Incorporate into Your Big Day

wedding trends

Wedding trends are a wonderful way to make your big day your own! After all, your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and it should certainly present one of a kind details.

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Are you aware of the new trends that have made their debut in the wedding world?

We love when couples incorporate unique details into their big day! That’s why, here at JM Productions, we have comprised some of the current wedding trends that you should consider incorporating into your own big day. If you are ready to learn what these trends are, be sure to continue reading:

  • A Traditional Sense of Style. Your wedding dress is a big part of your big day! After all, you will want to flaunt a fabulous sense of style for your walk down the aisle. Currently, especially after the royal wedding, brides are opting for traditional wedding gowns that showcase a modest presentation. So, forgo all of the bling, and choose a simplistic dress with a modest bodice, such as an A-line gown. Sometimes, it’s the delicate of details that are the most beautiful!
  • Showcase the Outdoors Inside. If you love the look of the outdoors, but are seeking to host an indoor wedding, just bring the outdoors in! By showcasing elements of décor such as wooden details, greenery, and wildflowers, and complement a color palette comprised of rich colors, such as deep browns, purples, and greens, you can highlight an outdoor style for your indoor big day.
  • Forgo the Titles. Gone are the days where you must have ladies be your bridesmaids and gents be your groomsmen. Instead, you can have a “Man of Honor” or a “Best Woman”. Diverse bridal parties are becoming quite popular! After all, who says a brides’ best friend must be a woman? So, forgo the titles, and have whoever you please stand beside you on your big day, regardless of their gender.

Your big day should be a one a of a kind celebration! And, if you utilize these wedding trends, it certainly can be.

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If you are ready to plan your own wedding, trends and all, with a day-of wedding coordinator in Houston, Texas, please get in touch with us here at JM Productions. As a Houston wedding coordinator, we would be more that grateful with the opportunity to bring your big day to life.


Photo Source: – Allison Heine

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